Thursday, April 19, 2012

About Me

Meet Rebekah

Hi and welcome to Cookies and Color!!!  

My passion for baking and art started when I was a little girl.  I spent countless hours in the kitchen with my mom baking and rest of my free time learning how to paint and draw with my dad.  I had no idea that when I got older (ahem...I am not telling you all my age), that I would combine the two and start a business.  

After I graduated from high school, I left the nest back home to acquire a degree in Interior Design.  In art school, I learned a lot about color theory and my skills as an artist blossomed.  Two years later, I put my knowledge to good use as an Interior Designer and that was my passion for six years...until my first daughter was born.  As much as I loved being a stay at home mom, I missed my world of color.  When my daughter turned one in 2007, a new baby was business, Love at First Bite.

Seven years later, another baby girl and some cookie orders here and there, made me realize what I love the most...mixing icing colors.  Most people would agree that mixing colors is NOT their favorite part of decorating, but I could seriously do it all day joke.  I want people to love mixing color as much as I love it.  Perhaps that is my dream, but above all else...I just want to help make it easier for bakers, like understand color.  With knowledge, comes confidence and we could all use a little extra boost of confidence.  

Cookies and Color is here to help you through your color or night:-)

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